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Accelerating India’s Global XR Potential

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Source: Analysis Group 2022, XR Market Opportunity and Forecast 2023-2028

3 Key Drivers for India’s Ascendency

Unparalleled Developer Base

By 2024, India is predicted to have the world's largest developer base, with a rich talent pool in software development

and 3D modeling.

*Source PPI: APP Economy in India, Nasscom India’s Tech Industry Talent 2021

Collaborative Triad: Government, Academia, and Industry

India's XR foundation is being solidified by a collaborative triage of academia, government, and key private sector players.

Increasing global reach of

Indian XR start-ups

The Indian XR startup ecosystem is rapidly maturing to create compelling global solutions

6 Action Points for Global Prominence

Enhance visibility of XR across diverse sectors

Unlock India’s talent potential for XR

Address hardware

access and integration

Propel global competitiveness

of Indian XR firms

Enhance visibility of XR across diverse sectors

Enhance access and diversity of XR Funding

Enhance visibility of XR across diverse sectors

Diversify innovation hubs geographically

Enhance visibility of XR across diverse sectors

Treemouse excels in making strategies, products, and services universally user-friendly by connecting unmet user needs with business growth goals. With offices in India and London, they collaborate with a diverse range of corporates, non-profits, foundations, startups, and government entities, in both developed and emerging markets. Treemouse's areas of focus span healthcare, education, financial resilience, climate action, and emerging technologies, with a shared goal of creating a positive impact.

Blume is an early-stage India-focused venture fund that backs startups with both funding as well as active mentoring. Blume typically invests in Seed and pre-Series A rounds in tech-led startups, led by founders obsessed with solving hard problems, ones uniquely Indian in nature, and impacting large markets.Blume presently invests out of Fund IV, a $290m+ vehicle supported by leading institutional LPs and family offices. With the close of Fund IV, Blume now has an AUM (Assets Under Management) of over $600m, managed by an investment team of fifteen members based across Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and San Francisco.

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